That was the


1. European Congress

of Ceramic Implant Dentistry


Video review of the 2019 Congress


Ceramic implants have developed from a marginal phenomenon to a factor to be taken seriously in dental implantology and are currently one of the fastest growing, most research-intensive and innovative areas in dentistry.
This makes a science- and evidence-based approach to the topic all the more important – it’s the facts that count!

ESCI Congress 2019

The 1st European Congress for Ceramic Implant Dentistry has closed its doors. Over 170 participants from 23 countries travelled to Switzerland from 11-12 October to Lake Zurich to find out about the “Facts of Ceramic Implants” under the same motto. This made the conference of the European Society for Ceramic Implantology one of the world’s largest and most important events on the subject of ceramic implantology even when it was first held.

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