Die Agenda

2. European Congress of Ceramic Implant Dentistry

20./21./22. Oktober 2022

2. European Congress for Ceramic Implant Dentistry

Das vorläufige Programm

20./ 21./22. Oktober 2022

Thursday, 20.Oct.22 13:30 15:30 Company forum, workshops 1,2,3
15:30 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 18:00 Company forum, workshops 4,5,6
20:00 Welcome reception
Friday, 21.Oct.22 08:50 09:00 Opening Dr. Jens Tartsch, President ESCI
Biomaterial ceramic 1 09:00 09:30 …why talking about ceramic dental  implants? Prof.Rony Jung, Univ. Zürich, CH
“Material and Evidence” 09:30 10:00 Evidence with ceramic implants – an overview Dr. Stefan Röhling, privat clinic Munic, GER
10:00 10:30 New clinical evidence Prof. Michael Payer, Univ. Graz, AUT
10:30 11:00 Coffee break
Biomaterial ceramic 2 11:00 11:30 New materials and manufacturing methods Prof. Jerome Chevalier, Insa Lyon, F
“Material and pre-clinical research” 11:30 12:00 Stability of ceramic dental implants Prof. Ralf Kohal, Univ. Freiburg, GER
12:00 12:30 Surface and hardware – enough evidence for daily routine? Prof. Bilal Al Nawas, Univ. Mainz, GER
12:30 12:30 Panel discussion
ESCI Award 12:30 13:00 a1, a2, a3 Scientific short lectures
13:00 14:00 Lunch break
Biological aspects 1 14:00 14:30 What happens around titanium implants Prof. Owen Addison, Kings College London, GBR
“Biology of titanium and zirconia” 14:30 15:00 Titanium release and the inflammatory response PD Dr. Mattias Pettersson,  Umeå University, SWE
15:00 15:10 Panel discussion
15:10 15:40 Coffee break
Biological aspects 2 15:40 16:00 Immunology bascis : toxicity,allergy and  intolerance n.n
16:00 16:30 Immunology of titanium and zirconia implants Dr. Lisa Jacobi Gresser, privat clinic Mainz, GER
16:30 16:50 Titanium oxide as Riskfaktor for Periimplantitis? n.n.
16:50 17:00 Panel disussion
General assembly 17:00 18:00 member general assembly ESCI
19:30 Gala dinner
Saturday, 22. Oct. 2022 08:20 08:30 Opening Dr. Tartsch
Clinical application  1 08:30 09:00 PRF and bonehealing Prof. Shahram Ghanaati, Univ Frankfurt, GER
09:00 09:30 Hard- and soft tissue management around zirconia implants Dr. Frank Maier, privat clinic Tübingen, GER
09:30 09:40 Panel discussion
09:40 10:10 Coffee break
ESCI Award 10:10 10:20 b1, b2, b3 clinical short lectures by members
Clinical application 2 10:40 11:10 Esthetic single tooth replacement Prof. Michael Gahlert privat clinic, Munic, GER
11:10 11:40 Ceramic Implants and digital workflow Prof. Andre Chen, privat clinic, Lisbon, POR
11:40 11:50 Panel discussion
11:50 12:10 Coffee break
Clinical application 3 12:10 12:40 Complex restoration with ceramic dental implants Rodrigo Beltrão, privat clinic Porto Alegre, BRA
12:40 13:10 Full Arch Rehabilitation; all-on-(z)irconia Dr. Dan Hagi, private clinic Toronto, CAN
13:10 13:20 ESCI Survey, ESCI Statement Dr. Jens Tartsch
13:20 13:30 Panel discussion and ESCI Award ceremony
Podiumdiscussion 13:30 14:00 “Facts of Ceramic”  …where are the current questions? Open stage forum, podium discussion all present Speakers
14:00 closing Dr. Tartsch
Friday, 21.Oct.2208:50:0009:00:00OpeningDr. Jens Tartsch
Biomaterial ceramic 109:00:0009:30:00…why talking about ceramic dental implants?Prof.Rony Jung, Univ. Zürich
"Material and Evidence"09:30:0010:00:00Evidence with ceramic implants - an overviewDr. Stefan Röhling, privat clinic Munic, GER
10:00:0010:30:00New clinical evidenceProf. Michael Payer, Univ. Graz, AUT
10:30:0011:00:00Coffee break
Biomaterial ceramic 211:00:0011:30:00New materials and manufacturing methodsProf. Jerome Chevalier, Insa Lyon, Frau
"Material and pre-clinical research"11:30:0012:00:00Stability of ceramic dental implantsProf. Ralf Kohal, Univ. Freiburg, GER
12:00:0012:30:00Surface and hardware - enough evidence for daily routine?Prof. Bilal Al Nawas, Univ. Mainz, GER
12:30:0012:30:00Panel discussion
Scientific short lectures12:30:0012:40:00a1
13:00:0014:00:00Lunch break
Biological aspects 14:00:0014:30:00Biological activities around titanium implantsProf. Owen Addison, Kings College London, GBR
"Biology of titanium and zirconia"14:30:0015:00:00Titanium release and the inflammatory responsePD Dr. Mattias Pettersson, Umeå University, SWE
15:00:0015:30:00Immunology of titanium and zirconia implantsDr. Lisa Jacobi Gresser, privat clinic Mainz, GER
Panel discussion
15:30:0016:00:00Coffee break
side aspects16:00:0016:30:00OsseoimmunolgyDr. Josef Choukroun, F
16:30:0017:00:00Keramikimplantate vs. Titanimplantate im DVT - was muss ich wissen?! Prof. Michael Bornstein, HK
Panel disussion
General assembly17:00:0018:00:00member general assembly ESCI
19:30:00Gala dinner

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