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Ceramic dental implants have become a serious factor in general implantology. The demand for metal-free solutions is increasing on the part of patients. The development of new materials, micro-roughened surfaces and improved treatment protocols also enables clinicians to take advantage of the benefits of ceramic dental implants in the dental practice as an additional reliable treatment option to titanium implants.


However, the most important prerequisites for the successful and also long-term reliable use of ceramic implants are a sound knowledge of the material and the special features of the clinical application.


With its new training concept, the ESCI makes it possible to acquire this knowledge by means of face-to-face courses with theoretical and practical parts in combination with peer to peer and extensive e-learning offers on the ESCI online platform.


The specific contents of the ESCI Academy on ceramic implants are created by the ESCI and its members or made available by the partners in the Corporate Forum. Only after the review process by the Scientific Advisory Board will these contents be published in the ESCI Academy. In this way, high quality and scientifically correct content is guaranteed.


In cooperation with the Online Learning Partner Dental Campus, the ESCI members have access to a wide range of options for deepening their basic knowledge of implantology online.

Training and Hospitation Center

There is no substitute for personal exchange and “being there”! Here you will find the certified ESCI training centres with their course and internship offers. The contents follow the standard specifications of the ESCI. Wherever you want to participate – they are always up to date.

How do others do it? Which cases were solved how? The answers can be found here! All ESCI members are invited to submit their cases, which will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board and then published in the case presentations.

Not just a literature collection! The most important literature sources on ceramic implants are arranged in this section according to topic and are competently explained.

You have missed the ESCI Congress 2019 or would like to see the presentations again? Here you can find the presentations of the 1st European Congress for Ceramic Implant Dentistry, which have been released by the speakers.

A picture is worth a thousand words… a movie even more. In the corporate video portal, external lectures, webinars and recorded live surgeries of the ESCI company partners on the subject of ceramic implants can be found.

ESCI Lectures

In the Lecture Hall, the ESCI will provide self-produced short lectures that will support and deepen the face-to-face sessions in the ESCI training centres.

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