The partners of the ESCI
…together for one goal

The partnership with the ESCI

The ESCI is an independent, open and neutral company committed to integrity and seriousness.

As such, the ESCI opens its doors to all scientifically trustworthy partners: partnership is a matter of trust – not only in our cooperation but also with regard to our products and services.

After all, the ESCI’s goal is to use its activities and objective information to create increased acceptance and trust for the previous “niche product” ceramic implant. No product-specific recommendations are made.

Partners of the ESCI can become companies that meet the scientific requirements of the ESCI. A partnership requires the approval of the board of directors and is decided by it with a 2/3 majority. There is no entitlement to admission.

The Company Partners

The Company Partnership is not a sponsorship – but a real partnership with the aim of promoting implantology with ceramic implants. Only companies that meet ESCI’s scientific requirements and admission criteria can become Company Partners of ESCI. A partnership requires the approval of the Board of Directors and is decided by it in consultation with the Scientific Advisory Board. There is no entitlement to admission. The company is a member of the ESCI as a company partner and receives voting rights with one vote at the General Assembly, regardless of the size of the company. The Company Partners can be invited by the Management Board to participate in the ESCI Council as guests without voting rights.


All Company Partners have equal rights. The independence and neutrality of the ESCI is maintained.

The Institutional Partners

The cooperation with institutional partners promotes scientific exchange, initiates research or training projects and serves the intensive networking across individual departments. The institutional partners are associated with ceramic implantology as the core topic of the ESCI. Institutional partners are not members of the ESCI per se, and the partnership does not involve any costs.


Institutional partners of the ESCI can become:
Universities, research facilities and institutes, professional societies and foundations, specialist publishers, dental laboratories, patient organisations or other

The Company Partners of the ESCI

The Institutional Partners of the ESCI

Research institutes

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